Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hookers Is My Point 10.21.03

So, why is prostitution illegal? I’ve been thinking about that one for a couple of weeks now. Not saying, in any way that I would enjoy the services of prostitute, and not facetiously—I’d rather get my booty the old fashioned way, with low-toned sweet talk, crass humor, alcohol and roofies.

Pico does NOT advocate roofies. Beta House frat boys, put them down. No, not in the drink! Aw, you nimrods…

Other illegal activities are criminal because it’s logical, with the severity based on how much you have injured the other party. For example, murder and manslaughter. As individuals we have no right to deny another person their life. No matter how much we think they need to be removed. We can agree on that. Assault is injurious to the person. Collusion, racketeering, injurious to the people who have money stolen from them.

Then of course there are the drug laws… where there should be penalties against sellers of drugs. They do harm to drug users. Though those users in part choose the harm to themselves. Yeah, this one’s messy. But suffice to say, good drug policy would include effective treatment instead of simple incarceration—but I digress.

But let’s get back to the good stuff, hookers. What have hookers done to you? Frat boys, stop telling me about that case of clap y’all got. What have hookers done to anybody? I don’t want hookers on my street, peddlin’ away, but really, where’s the damage to any individual? The hooker has chosen his/ her life (though the circumstances that led to that choice might not be most savory. Let’s leave that out of this argument too). The john has chosen to get a little sumthin’ sumthin’. Is prostitution illegal because it’s a sex act out of wedlock? Someone point this out to me.

And if we legalized hooking, then we could get them topical salves and pills for any unfortunate post slap-n-tickle gifts. Legalize it!

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