Monday, November 03, 2003

4.00 AM, Penn Station. The kids are... 11.01.03

On the tiles
Covered in suede jackets
Almost kicking their Styrofoam cups with the labels aimed at me as product placement
Laying with toes pointed at open sacks of McDonald’s
Slowly caressing dyed blondes
Slowly caressing brunettes
Muttering half-nonsenses to friends
Watching the police, perky and shaking hands
Jingling their pants and dark angel wings
Tapping to the music
Baring midriffs
Adjusting their black uniform (slacks + form-fitting shirts)
Being led by their schoolgirl outfits (highlighting thick + fit legs)
Holding personal pizzas in their sleeping laps (while sleeping heads droop down)
Stumbling to the escalator then stopping; turning; walking towards empty stores
Chasing skirt with heavy eyes
Surveying their prone friends while swaggering in white tuxes
Glowering with their arms crossed
Laying in wait with six other girlfriends
Looking at the big board for a sign that finally, they can go home

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