Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Double-Edged 11.25.03

Well, my first presentation of the semester is over, and it's pure relief. HJ is in town from SD, MC Shiv is in town from SF (sorry I didn't know you were at bOb's on Saturday, maybe we would have met up). And Bad Santa premieres tomorrow. And Dave and his Dhol Collective are doing Basement Bhangra tomorrow, check it out before midnight at SOB's.

But, there is also Tom Cruise's Last Samurai, official site here. Take a look! Have a good laugh! If you believe Tom Cruise as any kind of samurai...

Here is a list of people who are better suited to play a samurai than Mr. Cruise.

Val Kilmer
Sir Ian McKellen
Hugh Jackman
Your Momma
Dikembe Mutumbo
Tea Leoni
Winnie The Pooh
Ron Jeremy

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