Saturday, April 30, 2005

don't panic 4.30.05

hitchhiker's guide was very good. the don't panic was downplayed and some changes... but it was good. and as dorky as i wanted it to be. so they "make the blog," i'll let you know i shared twizzlers with jaime if you catch my meaning and rachel giggled to my left, i was in a jaime/ rachel sandwich. the rachel sister is a pistol even though she can't see over counters and nicky marie will soon be free of her fundraising shackles. they may take you life, but they'll never take--

kandle's party was very good too, even including the headbutts and getting home @ 6 am. niffer came through and we danced with the girls of bad touch to the late 80's house/ r&b. there was vodka, i grew paper tits, the amandas played ratt and journey in the other room, we all realized that we were old as we waxed nostalgic about the best rock bands, caroline and i sat in the corner and yapped about those same bands with rachelle. later i will have fully beaten my kidney into a drunken pulp with most of the same kids at zippy's crucial bbq. and sanded and painted gully's new number 1 spot.

*if i had music i would leave this post cueing up 50 cent's "this is 50."


samuelito's drunken master/ night in the clink mix:

1. robert johnson # drunken hearted man
2. mighty mighty bosstones # i'll drink to that
3. project pat # crash da club
4. minus the bear # monkey!! knife!! fight!!
5. the alkaholiks # only when i'm drunk
6. bounty killa # warlord nuh business
7. (irish drinking song?) # fuck you i'm drunk
8. mystikal # ready to rumble
9. rolling stones # street fighting man
10. dj shadow + dan the automator # fists of curry
11. gangstarr # suckas need bodyguards
12. d12 # fight music
13. fugazi # waiting room
14. shyne w/ kurupt + nate dogg # behind the walls
15. plaid # last remembered thing
16. pinback # concrete seconds
17. burning airlines # sweet deals on surgery
18. prince paul # handle your time
19. da lench mob # lost in da system
20. tool # prison sex
21. james carter + the prisoners # po' lazarus


marge said...

50cent's a shirt lifter, does it for Big Macs the cheap fucker.

Anonymous said...

Hey - The misc. irish drinking song is by a Chicago band called Bondo.

They were a helluva good time in concert.