Friday, May 06, 2005

it's oh bananas oh bananas oh bananas 05.05.05

summer is no ho.

and her spitting the mouthpiece out was kinda hot. the bob jones university reference- judgment day? oh, this show was written by an east coaster. effing liberals. pissing on the moral values of the anti-miscegenation u. if not for that little fact... but i like my doughnuts in the "assortment" variety.

but after this episode i am never leaving my wife/ girlfriend in the company of a hot guy, especially not one with stubble. lucky for me, i can't get a woman within spitting distance. that's the wrong reference.

ok, it's wrong of me to say but that was the best car accident scene i have seen in a while.

mostly, two hours of OC that didn't thrill; i am off to make presentation like the afghan whigs make party. well... tanner will get that one. if he reads the blog.


monkistan said...

yeah OC pissed me off yesterday. everything went wrong! nunfuckers!

heathalouise said...

Pico! What about commentary on this week?! So many choice lines. Kirsten: I may like my chardonnay... "Seth Cohen is a tool!"

youthlarge said...

carter buckley has tv's best stubble! p.s. tom glavine blows!