Friday, May 20, 2005

The Music Baton:

passed on from Greg

Total Volume of Music Files on my Computer:

14939 files; 66.21 GB of music

The Last CD I Bought was:

It might have been The Thrills' Let's Bottle Bohemia, which might be one of the 5 worst albums I have ever purchased.

Song playing right now:

Russian Futurists, it's not really cold when it snows

5 Songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Minus the Bear, hey! is that a ninja up there?
Ghostface Killah, tooken back
Queen, don't stop me now
De La Soul, i am i be
Dismemberment Plan, face of the earth

(With nods to 5 others:
Hum, suicide machine
Merle Haggard, if we make it through december
Twilight Singers, railroad lullaby
Marvin Gaye, inner city blues (makes me wanna holler)
Sufjan Stevens, detroit, lift your weary head)

I'm passing this along to:


unless gully, hetha, erica, marge, deb, fieser, or fuzzy would like to take up the questions.


sharma said...

Total Volume of Music Files on my Computer:

in iTunes: 4,000 songs, 21.8 Gigz
all together: about 140 G, but alot of it is stuff-in-progress

The Last CD I Bought was:
one of the dozen-or-so baile funk thangs we picked up... christ it REALLY does all sound the same

Song playing right now:
sean paul, "legalize it".

sometimes the truth is really ugly.

5 Songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Fernanda Porta, "So Tinha Que Ser Come Voce"

Break, "positive/negative"

(if DnB never grew beyond those 2 tunes, part of me thinks that it'd be OK. alternately beautiful, dynamic, aggro, and romantic.)

Block Party, "Like eating glass." mmmm. hipster!

Lehmber Hussainpuri, "Aashig Tera." (a rip off of good 'ol fiddy but so much more fun.)

"haye o mere dhadia," Surinder Kaur. it's really old but a reminder of how block-rocking a simple melody w/ a simple beat can be-- in any language, in any genre.

With nods to 5 others:

Immortal technique, "bin laden (remix w/ KRS)
Akinyele, "fuck me for free"
Death Cab, "passenger seat". I kinda hate myself for liking this one but it's a pretty damn great song.
Memphis Bleek, "like that" as retribution for the death cab track.
the last one i'm gonna set aside for whichever track I hate right now, but can start to see its appeal to people, which then gets stuck in my head, and then i realize I like it and have to eat my previous words.


Pico said...

sweeeeet. when am i getting a drum n bass mix (with ja rule covers slapped on the end)?

Anonymous said...

Hiiiii Piiiiiico.

I was just reading Heather's blog and I remembered that you were over here and I came to say hi.

Also, I am nosy, and the biggest Buffy fan EVA, so I wanted to know what you were going to ask her.

xo.nosy-molly sometimes of but slacking with great frequency.

ps. In the time I've been gone from NYC, I've learned to like some sports. But still not baseball. But everytime someone talks about baseball, I think of you and Sujan.

Pico said...

i was going to ask you but i didn't have your email- i remember you were an even bigger buffy fan... the question is about how many times buffy died. but you will hear from me later, oh yes.

liz said...

last cd I bought:
--caribou, 'yeti'

song playing right now:
--mommy and daddy, 'confection'

5 songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me:
--beat happening, 'not a care in the world'
--garnet mimms, 'tell me baby'
--mirah, 'make it hot'
--blonde redhead, 'falling man'
--tocotronic, 'bitte gebt mir meinen verstand zuruck'

--figurine, 'new mate'
--palace, 'new partner'
--nico, 'these days'
--russian futurists, 'let's get ready to crumble'
--the blow, 'where i love you'

keep in mind that my music collection is very very very limited at the moment. like, 20 cds. till my stuff is sent to me from a basement in kansas.


Pico said...

hi back, kiddo!

liz said...

glad to see you're listening to the russian futurists too! total love factory!

neverecho said...

oh, i didn't realize i was supposed to post it in the comments! oops. it's over in my blogland. also. this work thing? it's lame.