Monday, April 04, 2005

the day of the year where there is hope in cincinnati and pittsburgh 4.4.05
and not just because it's nathan's birthday.

my pregame comment is for new mets manager willie randolph. willie. never ever use the word "battled." it was art howe's catch phrase last year and watching the mets battle was like watching a quadriplegic in quicksand reaching for the rope. you can do your subway commercials with joe torre, but don't use the b-word.

5 strikeouts from this year's fantasy hero, jeremy bonderman. and it's only the second inning! 11 strikeouts from martinez and only one ugly home run! a homer and double from beltran. mmm, beltran. 2 double plays from david wright. hm, david wright. you still my boy, blue.

UPDATE: sweet jeebus, man. thank you, closer braden looper, for allowing a hit and then back to back home runs, giving the reds the win. it's because you're a christian conservative, right? and you don't want new york to win? that was super, looper. at least you battled. arrrrrgh.

it's baseball day.

also, the anniversary of the assassination of the reverend dr. martin luther king.

and to switch gears, more cheesecake! emmanuelle chriqui is distilled hotness, pictures show her 'nuff respeck.

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