Thursday, April 14, 2005

well, convict, time to open your present 4.14.05

>>an OC recap<<

i want to live in california. all i have to do is have a hot house with a pool and a winding walk down and people will just come to my house. yes this is the house. come inside the rager, dude!!! but who comes to a party with a four-foot bong in hand? and who brought the concert-style sound system? at least trey can act like a bouncer. and get a little tail-- hey, he's out of prison, he can call it a little tail. or okay, i can. and the teddy bear... that was a bit much.

where was trey in the threesome? and i really thought this would be the ep where trey and marissa get it on.

and... no, wait. addendum. i want to live in california and throw drug free parties.

now, how much coffee do these kids drink? it's like crack rock to them. marisa, summer, seth, zack, are never in the student lounge without coffee. aren't there coffee lines? don't people go coffee crazy? does somebody spill on the video games?

marguerite moreau is hot. that's why she's on television, i suppose. but what happened to the show life as we know it?

julie cooper threw a shirt at a ratt concert. my favorite bad band. i wonder if i look like that when i get drunk and the hard rock comes on? and daughters? julie cooper only has one daughter. and a creepy afterthought in boarding school.


heathalouise said...

Of course, my fauxVo forgot to record this. I am OCD: O.C. Denial. damn! I love that they have changed Julie Cooper from Bob Seger car-exhaust fan to a hair metal maven...

Paul G. said...

Hey, nice blog you've got here. I'll add you to my Bloglines. Sad to inform you that life as we know it has been cancelled (you knew it was gonna happen), but don't worry, you can catch the remaining episodes on DVD!