Thursday, April 21, 2005

back to watch the OC 4.21.05

what's with the goofy mid-sentence cuts in this episode? was that FOX or was that a quirky directing move? and can some of these plotlines slow down enough for funny quips and snappy patter? we have returned to fistfights and the calling of other men "bitch" and i for one am overjoyed. i dig the little wisps of air brushing marisa's locks before the kiss.

and trey's just out of prison so he's allowed one obvious mistake. where were the little drug vixens when i was in high school? at stuyvesant? or at spence?

death cab was so much better at the black cat. they didn't start with lightness. they started with new year and moved into movie script ending and then company calls. then ended with transatlantacism. am i right, gully? i do hope this appearance on the OC makes them villa-in-france money; this and their major label debut.

>>you don't have to pay me to murder your husband<<

julie looks good in the american beauty red petal repose. "it looks like one of your movies" is a hot ass line, though. miss cooper's friend is...oops. that's a PI taking her p-i-c. and while caleb has a charming voice, this is the creepiest marriage i have seen since i last got divorced. man, was that something. something cold.

>>what's from the earth is of the greatest worth<<

summer is the hotness. zach is so up to something. it's all the look-backs. and body sprays? a comic book body spray? what geek would buy that? would it smell like fresh comic book? like norse sweat? like the air after cyclops' eyebeams? at least this is an interesting plotline. and here is another site about cyclops, 'cause he's my favorite, no matter how lame people think he was in the movie.

i know nothing about wine. luckily for me, silver is a classy classy guy. now, about everyone's favorite raw-foods dieter, kelly rowan-- i mean, kiki-- snnxxxx, snxxxx, sorry, fell asleep. started drooling.

p.s. while orlando bloom is a good looking fellow, i don't even think he could kick MY ass.


mjunior said...

i miss The OC.

neverecho said...

did you stop watching the oc? b/c don't worry, i've taken over viewing duties. you & pico are bad tv influences.

fauxrean said...

If you read this post pretending that an 11 year old pre-adolescent girl wrote it then it's so much more entertaining.

Pico said...

sorry it didn't meet your high-end entertainment standards, ali-pack. have i given you the finger this month? no? i'll meet you later for coffee and the finger, then, you sweet sweet not-sarcastic angel, you.