Monday, April 11, 2005

Mondays are for studying 4.11.05

This weekend we celebrated Ray-Ray’s birthday. She has soft lips. Heh. Sister Sorky is a funny kid. And a blast from the past came through named Ellie, who lived in my old dorm room 107 back in the day. I couldn’t remember why I knew her and I think that was it. I walked into my old dorm as a junior to see what set of ass clowns had taken my old tripe and they weren’t ass clowns at all. Good kids.

In two days I will be free to write more interesting prose and posts. For now, here is a mix. Also, I think I will start a sports-only blog. I bet you would all be really into it.

a mix made because all of my mixes are for women. this one is made with silver in mind but he will never get it because unlike my hs classmate i do not believe in the social man date as discussed in the nytimes. no matter how many times it's just me and silver out, or having dinner, or cuddling with basketball. you didn't read that.

1. mirah, million miles
2. the go! team, huddle formation
3. jhae f. bumba, lindsay lohan freestyle (big ass titties)
4. thingy, mayday
5. ac newman, most of us prizefighters
6. d'angelo, alright
7. the delays, wanderlust
8. sufjan stevens, for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti
9. death from above 1979, romantic rights
10. fall out boy, where is your boy tonight?
11. pinback, concrete seconds
12. iron and wine, grey stables
13. little brother, the yo-yo
14. lyrics born, callin' out
15. tahiti 80, heartbeat
16. mclusky, friends stoning friends
17. the legends, breaking time, breaking lines
18. the earlies, bring it back again
19. thingy, my room has a TV
20. nappy roots, slums
21. stars, the big fight

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monkistan said...

why was i in mind when you made this mix? i don't get it.