Thursday, September 01, 2005

W Indian Day Parade 9.1.05

A good September to all of you. It’s a pretty day, and it’s worth mentioning. Yesterday was a long day*, humid and sweaty, but not so hot, oppressive and thick, leaving sweat on your head and on your body and in your clothes where it won’t dry. And inside it was the same, everyone in a cranky mood, on edge, not up to doing much work.

And then there is today, bright and clear and dry air, what a late summer or late spring day should look like. I started it with a good run in the morning. And talked to Sharma about the W Indian parade party that he and Samantha are holding and some of the music he’s working on.

He also turned me on to a blog by and about the people moving into neighborhoods I always thought were scary, the kind of places where you really shouldn’t return from with your wallet. You might as well hand it over to someone and say, just make sure no one slaps the black off of me, thanks. And people are just rolling in from Ohio and Missouri and Tennessee and Minnesota and wherever, with no remembrance of the days of the Crown Heights riots, or why one should never set foot on Empire Boulevard. Is this neighborhood becoming hip too? Will kids start going to Prospect Heights for yummy food and cute boutiques? Ugh. You want to see a dangerous neighborhood and event for real?

I-M To Sharma: oliver and i need to take some pipes to their knees. talking proper the whole way

At the top of the dailyheights blog post? “Murder Day Parade,” taken from a post on their message boards.

I’d like to add that three people have died in the parade, 2 in ’99, 1 last year. For all the mass of humanity on Eastern Parkway, I have never even seen an incident. Everyone just wants to party and talk to women in mesh shirts and tight booty pants. And they want to eat shark sandwiches. Murder Day. You people.

* post-script: but my night was very very good.


Erica said...

what is this blog of people living in scary neighborhooods?

Pico said...

it's just some new fangled gentrifying interlopers...