Sunday, September 04, 2005

Up North, My Life Has Been Good 9.3.05

I have been reluctant to post my usual happy-go-lucky, deadpan quick notes and rants about my social life in light of the events in New Orleans. But some quick shots, because the living has been hella good:

Ran into a friend, Jason; I’ve known him since kindergarten. I haven’t hung out with him since junior high school and I last saw him in college. He called me this afternoon after brunch, just to say that he didn’t want it to be one of those see you once and never stay on contact kind of things. Been hanging out with Dora and if you haven’t met her, there is a good chance you will. And you’ll dig her.

Been having lots of discussions about what’s happened in New Orleans along racial and planning lines. Times such as these remind me my friends are smart, good people. Maybe a set of people who will be heard about in their specialty fields, and maybe in the wide world beyond said fields. Maybe people who will shape the way we acknowledge and address the disparities in our nation.

Went to the MoMa with my co-temper Alana. Scheduled some interviews. Saw the Hoy band show which was badass, even though I felt ill halfway through. But afterwards I sat in City Hall Park after midnight with Sharma and caught up on things. Watched good college football games. Met Gully’s mama. Had a taco with Niffer. Drank happy hour with lots of people including Niffer and mjunior and Southern Yankee Martha and Julie Y aand Alana and Peter. Danced at the Rub. There's going to be a barbecue hosted by myself and Fuzzy Sweater and Jeremy next Saturday. I’m eating curry and ready for tomorrow’s West Indian Day parade. Up north, here? September has been beautiful, people are trying to stay aware, the living is good, and it’s important to relish these moments.


fauxrean said...

if my darn camera were fixed you all would have been able to see the pico dancing real close with his lady friend. baby when we're grinding, i get so excited...I feel a little poke coming through on you.

Pico said...


the lady friend said...

oh, how I like it, I try but I can't fight it!!

fauxrean said...

oh, did i not say it loud enough? I feel a LITTLE poke coming through on you.