Monday, September 12, 2005

A Good Barbecue Brings Summer Back for an Encore 9.12.05

The Kuub-a-cue-a-ganza was a smashing success. Thanks to the work of Fuzzy and Jeremy. Special thanks to Eben for bringing coolers, everyone who brought stuff;

And extra special credit to Gully for driving to pick me up, pick up materials, helping me haul stuff, and most importantly, brokering the deal to share/ use the grill. When we walked to the picnic house, crews were straight holding down benches and grills. I walked to the 9th Street entrance to see if I could find a spot. I was told to talk to a young man at the end of one table, who had apparently claimed a second:

Pico -yo, y’all are using this grill too?
Fella Holding Down Da Grill- (eyes lift under yankee cap. Imperceptible movement of sizable shoulders, slight nod) *grunt*.

That’s what’s up. Meanwhile, Gully talked us into a table and even a grill area, sharing with Oberlin kids whose friends rolled in on bicycles. Nice.

*My pics

*Silver’s pics

*Gully's pics

Check back tomorrow when I add Fuzzy’s and Gully’s photos. Note that after the barbecue… the weather heats up. Coincidence? I think not.


dora said...

awww, the pictures are so awesome!! I'm so sorry I missed it.

Anonymous said...

hello, i am new to this website, but i see an incredibly handsome tall indian man in some of these photos and i MUST know who he is! i think he is the same man i spotted walking around the east village on a single crush a couple winters ago.

ok, clearly it's haylz...the pics are cute and the BBQ rocked!!! no one knows how to have a good time like r. norman!

Pico said...

we call that fella "big stick."