Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Return of the Marge 9.21.05

Marge is back in the states after a great “surprise friends, Marge is back” party at Park Bar on 15th this past Sunday. It’s good to see things are all the same, even a year after his not-quite-deportation. To wit:

We meet up in the afternoon but Marge and I think we’re meeting in different places. He asks if I’m annoyed and I of course lie because it doesn’t mean anything. We drink until Eben finishes his work and meets up. Sharma and Samantha arrive late.

We go to dinner and Marge says something offensive, Eben eggs us all on. Sharma raises his fists in Dip Set enthusiasm, I flail like a spastic schoolgirl in response, Samantha is sweet and affectionate until she throws a salt shaker at Sharma. She misses him and the shaker lands at the feet of another eating group, luckily missing the window. If Lissa was in the house it would have gone through the window and hit a passing dog.

The two women next to us look over in trepidation, we’re loud and silly, the waitress is reluctant to bring us our check. It’s not even 10 pm and we’re halfway to an incident. Good times, as always.


alissa said...

you think you're kidding, but it

alissa said...

ah! second try.


you think you're kidding, but this reminded me of when i was in sixth grade and my friend and i were tossing a koosh ball around the school bus. one toss too hard, and it was out the window and onto the highway. probably hit the front windshield of a poor little old lady who crashed to her death. or maybe not. but still, yes. it's a good thing i wasn't there, or the salt shaker surely would have mauled a dog.