Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Two Tickets 09.16.03

Last night, 9 pm Eastern time, I finished my trek from the evening’s classes to Dave’s Paradise Hotel party. I didn’t think it would be a “party” like that, but then… I forgot that Dave loves his newfound fame.

And how could he not? From the beginning he was getting airtime on the show. He’s is the center of the program really, and the whole crew whooped it up. There were 20-25 people in this apartment, centered around the couch. I have to say, these television parties-- not a bad idea. I admit it, I noticed how it was mostly ladies up in there and who can dissent to that? A-Lice and J-Cap were in the house, as were the old HS friends Rich, Pool Party Steve, Kevin; and kids popped out of the woodwork to watch this.

The table was half filled with beer and half filled with pictures from the wrap party, screen shots of Dave and Charla, and Paradise Hotel stationery. The show itself was good for once; tension building as the players try to figure out what the twist is as they mark who their allies and rivals are. The show displayed Dave guessing at what each participant will choose as a rival, and as an ally. He gets most of them right, playing up the intelligence factor…

A-Lice guessed the people who would be voted off the show and won some hot Hotel memorabilia, a t-shirt and the shirt Dave wore on the show—a white t, with Happy B-Day Tara in red marker on the front. Hottt!

It was raining outside, cats and dogs and horses, but inside, we were getting back in touch, laughing at how ridiculous Amy is, was, and will continue to be on the show, and cheering Dave on. Marla, Nicky Marie, I forgot to pass on how much you and your friends dig him, but I’m sure he knows. Write him an email! Check the message boards! hey... and he might even be in your town very soon.

And if you want to join the OC party tonight... let me know.

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