Tuesday, August 06, 2002

True Dreams: Tuesday 8/6/02

Outside of my window is a picture postcard view of the Empire State Building, pointed skyward, erect, strong, and much less silver than I always picture it. In fact the exterior is brown and—brick? Much like the buildings surrounding it to the south, or even here in the midtown-40s.

Meanwhile, I am caffeinating myself with iced coffee with half & half, and a mocha cupcake with mocha icing and two coffee beans to adorn the top. This should be the good life, I suppose, with me at work but not doing so much, waiting for a replacement to be assigned to me for me then to train.

And I have no problem with it, but I am anticipating what’s next, without the view of the Empire State or the easy access to coffee that won’t burn and pillage my stomach. But the sun will still be up, and there will be other days where the skies will be a pale version of that imperial blue in paint cans and the Hudson River will still stretch over to New Jersey, dotted with boats and twinkling with reflected sunlight.

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