Monday, August 26, 2002

the bezerkely hacienda 8.26.02

man. i'm never going to get to tell you about oakland. so you get the truncated goodness. oakland had that grimy feel of a town where you're not sure what's coming up from over that hill; you're not sure what's going on in the houses; and you're not sure why the blocks are so dark and why there are only liquor stores open.

maybe it wasn't that bad. that bodega had chips in it too, i'm sure. and those 8-12 kids standing in front of a car, bleeding out into the street, looking at our car hard, they were just some neighborhood fellas. it is cold enough that you wear your hoods for warmth and not just for a fashion statement. and hearing about a guy who was killed for yeling back at some kids whom he told to get out of the street while he was driving, that doesn't play with your head either.

the party we went to... well, i don't know of many communities that would put up with an all night art commune hippie fest in a backyard. so take that for what it's worth. we stopped by a diner with okay (i guess) food; its only real claim to fame was that it's open all night. and the midnight menu reflects the lack of other options.

even the golden state warriors' basketball stadium looms up on you on a downtown street with the "w" unlit, bulbs blown. take that for what you will also.

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