Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Between watching the clouds behind the Empire State Building. I was falling asleep yesterday, and that’s not the best thing to do at work. When they can see you, that is. Before I could make a complete fool out of myself, though, I raced to the downstairs cafeteria. That was actually because I was kind of aimless and had no idea what would keep me up.

And in a metal tub, raised to about waist high on a table, encased in melting ice water, was smooth black stomach-corrosive coffee. Darker than any coffee I have seen. Calling to me like the Devil to Eve in Paradise Lost. Yeah, I took the apple, like a permed-out Crip grabs the clip. Also next to the coffee was a coffee-flavored cupcake with mocha icing and two coffee beans atop the treat.

So I got that too. And shit, it be workin’! I was flying like a kite. I was literally bouncing off the walls, baby! I was jumping up and down, moving stuff around, writing manic emails to people, making plans that would never come to fruition. Someone said hello and I jumped, bringing laughter and amusement to people.

Later that evening I went to a dinner with the camp I volunteered with—a good reunion with good people. And I calmed down enough to talk logically with adults. Good times. I barely made a fool of myself!

Tomorrow we will talk about my final softball game of the season.

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