Monday, August 19, 2002

Okay. this is short *stop* i am in chicago *stop* a fun time was had in st louis, good food that filled me up, drinks that filled my cup, et cetera (including the prostitute who adjusted her tits in front of the bar and then asked myself and toby where a gas station at a major intersection was... cuuu-riuos.) *stop* then i took the train northwards, a train that was two hours late-- and so i walked around "downtown st. louis" *stop* i didn't find it *stop* but i found a mcdonald's *stop* and i ate an egg mcmuffin *stop* that's all i had.

i met a british woman named zoe *stop* she had chosen to work at a camp for a second summer in potosi missouri *stop* if you don't know, potosi is where men have three teeth + two of them are green *stop* and the women are as scary *stop* and she chose to work there *stop* from england *stop* she is coming to new york, i gave her restaurants and hotel suggestions and places to see with her family and places to avoid *stop* like the upper east side *stop*

drank with hipsters in chicago and i like them more than new york city's hipsters *stop* and today we biked around chicago *stop* there will be some details, including a bar called the manhole, 1 dolla burgers, tacos, to come *stop* sleep well--

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