Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Supreme Court Note.
Since when was "I have no recollection of being a member" an excuse? Especially for a lawyer? Isn't that what the guilty say?

This guy is brilliant.

I am sure you have heard of the Arabic Assassin, a wanna-be rapper with no record deal that worked as a baggage screener. Until he was found out and fired. What a great way to get publicity- his name is now nationwide and it won't even matter if his rhymes are as junior-league as M.I.A.'s, the people pissed at life, Dubya, and the rest will be on the lookout for his single.

AA- I bet you can find his album online.

Happy not to Smear Santorum

PA senator Rickie Santorum says he's leaning towards not running for the presidency in 2008. Fingers crossed.

New Yorker = Behind the Bitter Sea

New Yorker's article on Diplo. I was at that show, you lazy, month-lag-time suckass writer. God, I am so very cool. Anyone feeling hot today? Bask in my chill glow.


mjunior said...

Gee, I was ready for Rickie, too!

"For relaxing times, make it Santorum time!"

Anonymous said...

According to Dan Savage...Santorum is the mix of shit and cum that comes out of a man's ass after homosexual intercourse...perhaps it is better that Santorum isn't running for President. Think of all the funny posters that could of been made for his protest.

Anonymous said...

oh..it doesn't have to be homosexual intercourse...it could be any type of anal intercourse I guess....I know...I need to change the topic

Pico said...

Hence, the "smear santorum" line- for the Dan Savage insiders...