Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Explanations of Post-Autistic Economics 7.6.05

From True Cost Economics:

[Economist Bernard Guerrien addressed the] disconnect between mainstream neoclassical economics instruction and reality. Economics has an ideological function, he told them, to put forth the idea that the markets will resolve everything. In fact, he added, economic theory absolutely doesn’t show that.

But why “post-autistic?” Is Rain Man involved?

From Wikipedia:

The term autistic is used in an informal way, synonymous to "closed-minded" or "self-absorbed". It has been criticized for using the term in this way, which could offend people suffering from disorders in the autistic spectrum, for example Asperger syndrome.

The movement is best seen as a forum of different groups critical of the current mainstream: from behavioral and heterodox to feminist, green economics and econo-physics.

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