Friday, July 22, 2005

Search Me Where It Smells Funny

Another hot ass day in New York City. But we have a new wrinkle—bag searches on the subways! Is the city/ police administration in DC instituting this change if not, why not? All I know is that I’m glad I have been keeping my concealed weapon at home… I wonder if the cops will report this weekend about how many brass knuckles, plastic + metal unregistered weapons, liquor bottles from teenagers, and porn they collect? And how many bitter privacy lovers and conveniently brown people (the police department claims there will be no profiling) they will arrest?

Is there better ways for their time to be spent? Here are some reactions.

p.s.: this story is covered in the ny times by some fine reporters, Sewell Chan and Jennifer 8 Lee.

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neverecho said...

This reminds me. There's an excellent article on the NYPD's anti-terrorism efforts in this week's New Yorker. An interesting read.