Thursday, October 28, 2004

say, what happened in the athletic contest last night? 10.28.04

you know, last night red sox victory was about as exciting as watching the braves in '99 or the padres in '98 go meekly into the cool october night. which is good; i don't want any members of the nation to spend time in the hospital before they tear out boston brick by brick, cobblestone by cobblestone.

speaking of which, i missed the f**king eclipse! half asleep and procrastinating with law and order.

anyway, how were the celebrations? remember, kids, the face boston puts on is also reflects on a certain state senator, so play nice! or go wreck texas. eugene, i have never seen so many exclamation points. ever.

and on the flagrant side, check this post from today's soxaholix, with the line:

"It's like that moment when a woman bends down and unbuttons and unzips a man's pants; there is such a feeling of providence somehow."

that about sums it up.

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neverecho said...

thx for my mix, excited to hear it! (hint, hint)