Friday, October 29, 2004

home for the haunting. 10.29.04

i think i may stay home on halloween. eben has me convinced. just too much trouble; like him, i have been busy all week; and i am having a hard time getting excited about the parties this year. i'd love to see g-ball and ray-ray is supposed to come on up to party, too. and i still can't get excited.

my costume lays in a fanciful arrangement in my imagination. plus the prospect of walking home saturday night/ sunday morning with a costume in my neighborhood? there might be an early tricker out, it is a neighborhood filled with kids and teenagers, after all.

but if i go out, i'd like to thank gully for the halloween costume link. seriously, those costumes are funny as hell. i may dress up as the littlest prisoner at abu ghraib.

p.s.the end of this week's smallville, with the prison riot that consisted of hardcore prisoners chucking toilet paper and old men being beaten by riot cops, all to jimmy eat world's pain? i think they should have dropped the pretense and just had them all fondle each other in the bathhouse. same effect.


neverecho said...

same here. busy week, sleep deprived, coming down with something, as usual. and i completely didn't get the point of that scene in smallville, all it did was make me laugh.

Dave said...

I think I hate halloween because it makes me think of williamsburg "art students" at that building on 3rd& kent... fuck 'em. although I must admit that it's always entertaining watching the G train kids make fun of Pratt kids on the way up to the 'burg on halloween.

if I were to do it this year, it'd have to be the "Sand Nigga in Charge" outfit-- white turban, white kurtha, sunglasses, big dandiya (staff) and pimp cup. And so fitting, what w/ Bin Laden's press agent getting him front page face time 5 days before an election-- SOMEONE's getting blowies at whiskey blue right now, ya heard????

but that would require, you know, effort.