Thursday, October 21, 2004

if wishes were dreams... 10.21.04

i hope steinbrenner doesn't go on a firing spree.

i wish there was a bar/ club that the sox knew they were welcome at where all the yankee haters and sox fans could buy them a beer, maybe shake papi and cro-mag's hands. and let derek lowe know that met fans are nicer, and our park is huuuuge, no worries about homers. and our infield is getting better.

on the phone with neverecho last night i got a scary coughing fit. this has got to stop, but the doc i saw said i was fine... three days ago. you know what? i need a hug. preferable from an impressionable woman for whom "hug" involves "nudity." marge, put the wig away.


eben said...


Anonymous said...

It's Lowe's destiny, as a has-been running on fumes, to be overpaid by Texas for something that he can't possibly do, and then end up in middle relief for the rest of his ridiculous contract. Maybe you can snag Varitek for the Mets--or maybe the Phillies can grab him. Does that make Alex happy, now that he has none of his ice sports to watch? I really, really, really, really wish I lived in New York right now. Is everyone miserable?


marge said...

That wasn't a wig, I just hadn't trimmed in a while. And don't let Alex hug you, last time he hugged me with those clammy furry hands he took my male virtue. I want it back, damn you Meyer!!!

Pico said...

joel-- new york is a little sullen, but not boston-style violence... the papers are up in arms. it's great. the fans are in shock.

derek lowe will make a great ranger! not-very-good!

liz said...

I will hug you, even if you're the only freaky kid in the state of new york who goes to rite aid with the sole purpose of buying snapple.

also I have an excellent homemade anti-cough remedy and I'll be happy to make it for you whenever you wish. it doesn't involve whiskey, I swear and promise.