Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the service was even worse 9.15.04

jaunted into the city to meet rini and ellen and rini's boy scott, over chinese/ vietnamese/ japanese food uptown; and then to what was once drip, a cheesy coffeshop comeplete with dating books. now drip is a malt shoppe with dollar beers. yeah, i said dollar beers. i went once with lillie (heretofore known as lala or my new young friend) and tusi when tusi was in town and amidst the crying and the protestations and the giants game, the dollar rheingolds were good times--

though this time we sat in the little grey brick outdoors, a backyard in the middle of the upper west side; metal chairs and free-standing table sized umbrellas. since the umbrellas aren't attached to the tables, of course, the rain coverage leaves something to be desired. there is construction through the fence next door. and still, it seemed like a fine place to have coffee and talk with your old friend.

the fellow to the side had the same idea, bringing his notebook and ordering some food, writing with his striped wristband. funny how that phrase looks like stupid wristband.

anyway. we waited for our coffee. scott and rini went ot find our waitress. while we found out our coffee was organic, we didn't get to taste its organic goodness; and when we got our coffee, we didn't get to enjoy it with milk. ten minutes later, as it was cooling, we enjoyed the milk. around this time, the writer received his burger-- lacking bacon, and his fries, cold. and his cherry lime rickey. without the cherry. and a few minutes later, we got the sugar. and a minute later, the spoons.

our compatriot agreed. it shouldn't be this hard.


Anonymous said...

oh, i see how it is. so i wasn't even there. or have you forgotten your ass getting kicked in table/quarter hockey/soccer. oh yes reader of picodulce, i, eben, kicked pico's ass in table/quarter hockey/soccer, until therzab'th got pissed.

marge said...

Eben you couldn't beat a gay egg.

Pico said...

oh yeah. eben was there. now quit your mealy-mouthed crying.

marge said...

And why is Eben posting himself as 'Anonymous' even though he named himself in it? Gotta shave those chubby fingers Eben.