Sunday, September 19, 2004

from there to sunday 9.19.04

i can't believe i never chose to go to basement bhangra before. oh, i am a simple and moronic man. it was hot times. i mean hot. i mean i was soaked to the bone dancing with arroz' sister, kiri the rice-a-homie and her doll friend katie. also in the house was shashi and maggie and maggie's sister ryan and ruthie and samantha and samantha's friend and shashi's friend and-- you get the idea. sharma and oliver and deep up on stage banging on two drums and a bass and watching their cd player gag and cough while they tried to play over "lean back." (note: learn fat joe's lean back dance from this link.)

unfortunately ruthie also got some stuff stolen. so kids, when you go to basement bhangra, i guess you got to secure your stuff. i wouldn't have thought it, the crowd was fun and friendly, the sikhs were dancing and banging into us, the young men greased across the floor looking for single women; but you never know when you have a thief in your midst.

had a moment with kiri and katie where i looked up on stage, trying to position for a picture (maybe i should get those jammies developed, huh?) and sharma was asking everyone to give the middle finger to the cd player and i yelled at kiri, "you sometimes, i love my boys." it's good to look around and see the loopy ass people you fraternize with.

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