Wednesday, September 22, 2004

doctor doctor, can't you see i'm burning burning 9.23.04

the title was a song i heard in a drugstore this afternoon, i think it is from the 80's. does anyone know who sang it?

angie and matt and i were discussing how one tends to be friends with people of similar/ equal attractiveness. is this true? then what's wrong with me hanging out with selvadurai? breeding material, indeed.

also, read this month from que sera sera. truly impressive. sweet. aww! that means you, neverecho.

some nerdy kids have taken over the lounge where i was working, with video games with foot-activated pads. they're dancing to some terrible music; the action is projected onto a large screen. well, at least they're getting their exercise.


neverecho said...

Ah, dance dance revolution, how I miss you (not at all).

Reading Que Sera Sera makes me hopeful that some day I'll look back on my year and not break down in tears. It was very sweet, thanks for sharing it.

Dave said...

I'm almost positive that was the thompson twins.

Pico said...

you know, shevi said the same thing. thompson twins...