Thursday, September 23, 2004

Even Elvis Sang About The Ghetto 9.23.04

I forget the first part of the dream- I think it involved some flooding or some kind of quarantine—but Eben and I were relocated to the projects, the PJ’s. It wasn’t so bad, really; it was late and the place really didn’t quiet down. My dream had no smell-o-vision so no pissy hallways; most everything from the walls to the doors to the furniture seemed in good condition.

I remember images:

A line of cars slowly following a police car, silent, but lights flashing a block to our left when we looked outside. For some reason we spent a lot of time outside the apartment, made friends with some neighbors who were mostly okay.

My little brother stopped by at some late hour to borrow a sleeping bag. He snuck into my room thinking I wouldn’t notice, which was scary. He does that when he’s home and looking for something. But he didn’t live anywhere around there. I asked him about it and his response was “eggh. ugggh.”

At some point we were outside late at night, couldn’t sleep. It was a peaceful courtyard. A couple was doing… something, not illicit, on a bench. Like a guy was showing a woman how to draw, perhaps. Eben was outside and then went in, because, really, we were in the courtyard of the PJ’s late at night and is that where we really needed to be? Amorphous relocation situation or not.

I noticed a man sidling to a fence, and then to the entrance door. I was excited because it was Beenie Man. Then I was disturbed because Beenie Man was looking a little shady, alone, in a black leather jacket and same colored shirt and pants, maybe cream colored. He gave me a look and I realized I really shouldn’t be outside. Some noise heralded the entrance of some residents and a couple of cops.

Who were actually very nice. Talked to us all about security. Asked me a couple of questions about what Beenie Man was doing there, who he was, if I knew if he had any connections in the neighborhood. They went after him. I went back to the apartment where I was staying—spacious, but with old furniture—and checked the closets and then I woke up.

I think I watch too much Law and Order.

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