Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Puritanical 1.28.04

Last night I asked Silver this question:

After the first horrenous winter, knowing that it doesn't snow like this in England, and it's not this kind of miserable, why didn't the Puritans who landed in the Plymouth Rock area just pack up and go south?

Silver replied with a couple of good points:

1. then they would have been the people who went to Jamestown.
2. because.
3. they saw every challenge as a challenge from God-- in other words, it was time for the Puritans to step up and bring it like it never been brought'ed.

I also added that it probably would have cost a lot to repair their ships and depart, or go over land.

Think about this concept. What is they never landed there? What if Boston never bacame the early center for revolutionary-era population/ commerce/ dissention/ philosophy? What if the fledgeling colonies were centered around Norfolk, Virginia?

Then again, maybe slavery wouldn't have been abolished, or perhaps American colonists wouldn't have been so ornery. Maybe we'd talk about the new north now, relish the snow, play sports in skimpier uniforms, not have candlepin bowling, and maybe the red sox and the patriots wouldn't have that wacky inferiority complex. Come on, come up with more "what if the nation started out more south-centered" ideas yourself.

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