Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Goddamn Try Something New Liberals!!! 1.13.04

I wonder why the NY Post’s opinion section is so damned angry all the time. I am looking specifically at an opinion piece from yesterday’s paper on Joel Stern, the chancellor of schools and his anti-preference for the use of phonics (Stern wants a more progressive approach to reading, less drilling and rote repetition).

I bring this up not because I have an opinion on teaching methods or the No Child Left Behind Act; not because, quietly hidden on the next page is a one column, third of a page “article” about how Hilary Clinton was talking about a proposal added to a spending bill recently passed in the House, that allows some workers to be tabbed as supervisory workers and then disqualified for overtime pay, including policemen and firefighters and nurses; but because these Post characters are so very angry. How about commenting on the merits of another person’s ideas? How about assimilating ideas? How about not polarizing people, ideas, political parties?

That doesn’t make for a good newspaper, I suppose. Just a responsible one.

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