Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Streets Is Watching 08.06.03

I am so cool. I run into people on the street all the time. I can’t help it. Supercool.

Example: last night, before I got very angry at the voice of ignorance and pomposity (the pompositude of ignorance?), I was walking around the E-Vill with Anna Y, looking for food, wandering between conversant couples. And I saw this kid Aviva, who works around the corner from me!

Thing is, I haven’t seen her in 6 years, when I met her at the Cornell flophouse of Descha/ Berserker Sam-Buca/ C-Lo/ et cetera. And what I met was a pretentious vegan who couldn’t play her drums. But she was nice. And here she is in the city! Of course, I haven’t talked to her. It’s a little silly to talk to people who barely know who you are, who might give you the “oh—hi!” smile, with cordial-but-cold “how are you DO-ing,” and “what are you DO-ing” and such.

I pointed her out to Anna and we kept on her way.

Or how about Liz whom I met at a party! I know her even less! Pointed her out, striding 8th street, kept walking, on my way.

Or Sharon from the WU, saw her on Saturday! Right in Gully’s hood, near the Girls of Two Boots (where is the calendar, ladies? Yum! It’s like Suicide Girls but glossy with staples!), standing outside, a sweetheart I haven’t seen since college. Gurnifer seems to know things about her. But I don’t know her that well either. Kept on walking.

But STILL. I see people I know on the street all the time! I can’t help it. I am so cool.

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