Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Still With the Love 08.12.03

I’d like to post daily. And I think I will be able to, what with my not drinking anymore (or at least until I have my next drink. And if I am attempting to be social with someone’s father, then yes, I will have a drink) and my attempts to set these “priorities” and such.

Here’s a catch-up. Friday was walking in the rain and sending out mail I hope I never had to send. Left right left all about the town. Ended up in Manhattan where I learned my softball game was not that day but Monday so sauntered to the school computer lab plunked down and found my way-- to frustrated, frustrated with my self with the novel I may never finish and if I do it won’t go anywhere but it will always eat at me as the memories diminish. Ate lots of yogurt. Wasted lots of steps. Found Gully’s place. Watched some of the Mets. Went home.

Woke up early. Went out. It rained like it does every day. Because NYC has become FLA without the hot and immoral tramps in the way. Day happens. Went to Pixel’s party party. Had a good time, even saw Sanjit. Arroz- we are not rivals. Lots of heads at the party. Halyz brought a guest as her sidecar. My whole table was alcohol free. I felt like an old man. We didn’t talk about our dentures and that’s good by me.

Lots of people didn’t show. Lots of rain came down. Lots of people slid in the side of the party. Arroz and the Charmer are the best DJ’s in the land. Arroz, because everything he plays I love, from back in our radio show back at the WU. The Charmer, because his knowledge of music is off the chain, and he rolls from Punjabi MC to drum-and-bass for you.

I point this out to my accompaniment of the evening. Well, two accompaniments. While Boy-Sammy and Selvadurai argue like a married couple, and silly people do silly dances, while the large crew of lesbians canoodle by the bar in close doubles, I was lauding the merits of our DJ’s to Ninja Squirrel with the lip ring and Descha’s friend Amanda the Insult-Loving Recovering Journalist who is afraid of Unwanted Eye Contact, so she hangs with me. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but she’s a funny sweetheart.

Here I note that the funniest thing at the party is something I won’t go into if you paid me, since I don’t know if the participants know it all. But… it was funny and someone got taken home by a young lady… but not the one he was kissing earlier, but her friend.

Also, I don’t breakdance. Even in a Kangol.

Met the parents of Punchin’ Rizzo, along with Eben, Nascar Anna, Arroz.

Met up with the volunteers from the camp. Lost another softball game/ escapade. Even added a collision with the right fielder. Went to a pompous party for Paper Magazine. Went home.

Now we’re all caught up.

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