Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prince, Inarticulate??

A letter to EUR on Prince not making an appearance on American Idol:

Sharon W., Indianapolis, IN:
"Regarding 'Prince Declines Appearance
on American Idol' (04-11-06 EUR) -- after
reading the article, I said, 'and WHO
is surprised by that?'
Prince is an exceptionally gifted person.
BUT, all of us who have followed him since
the mid-80s remember when he could (or
would) barely make a complete sentence
in public. You may also recall the
'embarrassing' acceptance speeches
for his 'Purple Rain' album when he
mumbled into the mic while looking
at the FLOOR. So, when I heard that
they wanted him to appear on 'American
Idol' (which I watch regularly) I couldn't
help but laugh.
C'mon people, can you imagine PRINCE
giving advice to the kids, or letting one of them
HUG him, or interacting with them in any way.
Oh PLEASE! I have enjoyed many years
of his music ('Thieves in the Temple' is one
of my favorites) but Stevie Wonder and
Barry Manalow [sic] did all they could for the
contestants. Kenny Rogers gave HORRIBLE
advice to them and having Prince on the
show would have been just plain BAZAAR [sic]!"

EUR response: Sharon, only Prince knows why
he won't appear on "AI," but we can assure
you it is not because he is inarticulate. Back
in the day, we suspect, he was just playing
games. Trust us, he is very articulate and
he doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

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