Friday, March 31, 2006

Shut yo' mouth! I'm just talkin' 'bout Bloomberg (Then that's all right)

A main-- and awfully lame-- humor staple is having a nasally voiced, preferably white person reciting hip hop language, lyrics, or names in public. It's not that funny when you think into it-- it's just language at best, and often belies a pandering attitude at worst. Still it shows up in Lifetime movies, in CBS dramas, and now...

from Mayor Bloomberg??

In announcing "Hip Hop Week," October 12-17th of this year, Mayor Mike had company from Russell Simmons and Ice-T. Now, while everyone knows that to be really hip hop, he'd have to have five scowling sycophants, three handlers, a DJ, and a hype man, I'll give credit for stating (and this is a paraphrase from the radion this morning):

Where else could you have Hip Hop week but in New York City? We have the Russell Simmons and Run-DMC from Queens, th Wu-Tang Clan from Staten Island, the Beastie Boys from Brooklyn, mostly, and me, Mike B from Manhattan."
I am sure he named a Bronx representative, but "me, Mike B?"

Strike anything I said in the first paragraph. If you could have heard it, damn that was funny.


Tobias said...

And suddenly, I'm again reminded of the existence of

eben said...

ooh, what about eb'n'flo from greenpoint?
damn. why does mike always have to hate?