Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Giuliani Time (Perhaps the Beginning of a Series?)

A post and comment string on the upcoming movie Giuliani Time (the movie's title is taken from the line a cop supposedly said before broom-sticking Mr. Abner Louima) from Gothamist. The site has some interesting quotes from and around Giuliani. I put in a comment also, stating:

I was born in New York, lived through Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani. I was even in
diapers for Beame. It's important to note that some of the turnaround the
Giuliani took as his was a result of nationwide prosperity. And perhaps because
of changes Dinkins made in the NYPD to respond to his being soft on crime. Not
like he sat on a tennis court and frittered his days away.

Giuliani was a tough image of New Yorkers but certainly did a lot to alienate the minorities (racial and orientation-wise) in the city who, yes, tend to be a poorer
demographic. They also are a large percentage of the city; a good mayor wouldn't have to piss off 60-65 percent of the people to appease tourists and fat cats.

Rudy knew how to kiss tourists' and republicans' tails even though that was not where the concerns lay; he made the middle of the city a pretty place (and I applaud him for that) while entirely ignoring the hard questions of income disparity in the poorer areas. His heavy-handed treatment of the extremely large NYC arts community. Louima and Diallo. Donna Hanover. Berating the press and detractors. Et cetera.

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It seems the people who WANT Rudy to run are trying to make money off
the people don't DON'T: