Friday, April 16, 2004

Sitting on a Time Bomb 4.16.04

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the Rice-A-Homie’s apartment, and meeting some of the people he worked with on Michael Showalter’s film “The Baxter,” as a production coordinator. Now if only I could remember their names… but we had good conversation between all the free drinks we could handle at the Knitting Factory.

Craig Wedren, ex-of Shudder to Think, did the score (as he did for School of Rock and The Secret Lives of Dentists) and was to make an appearance. I didn’t see him, which may be just as well. A few years ago, when she still lived in NYC, Rini and I went to see him play solo, and she convinced me to walk up to him and say hello, as he was wrapping wires and coming down from his set. The conversation went like this, you can guess the roles:

- um, hi.
- Hello.
- Um, uh, I really liked your… set? It was… good. I like your music, you’re my favorite band.
- Uh-huh. Well. Thanks.
- Are you guys like working together anymore?
- No, we’re on hiatus, we’ll probably do something in the future. Now I’m in New York, working on some soundtracks in my apartment.
- Um, yeah. Wow. Cool. Uh, um, thanks. Keep up the good work, um…!

I am SO not-very-cool.

I have been listening to an inordinate amount of Tears For Fears. While I get my head on straight (Sowing the Seeds of Love is not helping), find a bake sale against Bush in your area;

Or come play Whiffle Ball this Sunday, Central Park, Great Lawn, 2 pm, Shakespeare statue (thanks Kate + Ellen).

Next week I will tell you why my 10-year HS reunion is beginning to creep me out.

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