Tuesday, April 13, 2004

April Showers 4.13.04

This time of year is donation season—the part of the year when non-profits have functions, when research groups for various diseases have their walks and runs. It’s a time to be public, to get out there and press the flesh, to mingle, to get along with people. This is also the time of year that sparks ridiculous ideas like the upcoming whiffle ball "game," which will likely be followed by softball, dodgeball, bicycling, Frisbee, and koob.

Which can only mean one thing—time to get back into some semblance of shape. Not the shape I was in high school, where between snorting packets of Lik-M-Aid and putting the f-word before every noun, I would race people around the Brick Prison block with my shirt off in 30 degree weather. I mean the shape when I’m not so winded going up Pixel’s walkup, or the shape where I can toss a football without hurting myself, the shape where I can go to the beach and only be a touch embarrassed.

Well, I’ve been working on the forearms so far. Using the patented Marge technique.

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