Saturday, March 13, 2004

Tonight, I'm Gonna Have Myself A Real Good Time 3.13.04

Last night I was conned into travelling to Brooklyn, conned by the promise of art galleries and the sisters Dunsmuir, conned by an early evening--

So it goes. Selvadurai/ Samantha/ myself ended up at the Last Exit, where I promptly ran into a kid named Nicole from my grad school and all of her curly hair, and another young lady named Katherine, who reminded me that I have been so bad about staying in touch with Michelle and Courtney from HS that Courtney's @#$&%^!! married already. At least I knew that one was coming; finding out Laurie (who introduced me to Schneider and vice-versa, on a warm summer's eve in 1996 before he entered our fine University) had also married was a complete shock. So it goes.

But tonight, like Queen said, I am going to have myself a real good time. I hope to see lots of short plaid skirts dancing in what little space they can carve out. Welcome back to the city, Gulshan, for one night only.

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