Thursday, March 18, 2004

Letter to Misanthrope. 3.18.03

How is the UK? Are you spelling more things in the British way yet? Have you referred to something using “queen,” as in “the queen’s English,” and such?

This will be short. I am taking a short trip and will be back tomorrow to watch college basketball. I know. You’re excited. But that’s how it rolls here. On the way up to this computer lab I was reminded once again that tourists are very annoying. All of Michigan seems to have descended upon Canal Street, now that it’s in the 40’s and sunny and the snow is melting—yes we got another snow.

But there they are, in Michigan hats and shirts, standing, gawking at bling, thinking about NYC t-shirts, moving even slower than the notoriously slow denizens of Chinatown. I am listening to The Streets as I walk by and I want to punch them. Or eliminate them. They are younger and on the subway, older and looking at restaurants. Why do people want to live in Manhattan? It’s filled with interlopers. Oh. Those are interlopers too. (Brown Boy, when you come to New York, please be considerate, don’t take up the whole sidewalk—we don’t have that much real estate. Thank you.)

Hey, I got to run. Be well. Keep reading. I will leave you with this—this has been a hustlin’ ass city the past couple of days, the best being the panhandler followed by the kids selling candy for their basketball team’s jerseys followed by a woman with a gorgeous gospel voice singing and preaching for way too long in front of the fella wearing a yarmulke (sp?).

“Lock stock and two fat f**ks backin’ ‘em up.” – The Streets

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