Monday, October 24, 2005

Fred, Please Talk To Your Woman. 10.24.05

Wilma. Oh Wilma. Thanks, Hurricane Wilma; you have ripped up the roof of my pappy’s barn and flattened his crops. But the house in FLA is OK and so is my dad, sans electricity, of course.

Ok! A Wilma fundraiser! Who wants to go volunteer their time and farming expertise and come see the house in Florida? How about you? And you? We’ll plant things and build mounds and dig in the dirt. It’ll be better than “Cats.”


dora said...

I'll totally volunteer-- if we can then go 100 miles south to stop my parents' building from swaying.

mjunior said...


Pico said...

we can do it all. we'll drive down in my car, but i get the first leg.

Anonymous said...

Bein' from Indiana, I reckon I got more experience with this sort of thing than you cityfolk livin' in Queens. Don't know why you would, but call me if you need any advice on corn detassling.

Regards from the Midwest,


Pico said...

Hey, Chaz.

You must know, that my parents, much like Ray Lewis, they country. they know a little bit, but nothing about corn.

Sucks, because the sweet potatoes were actually happening.

neverecho said...

peppers. do they grow peppers?

p.s. chaz is alive! long live chaz!
p.p.s. ha. your car. funny.
p.p.p.s. i hate wilma.

Pico said...

i planted the farm's first pepper.

it didn't do well, but i planted it!