Friday, October 07, 2005

But... Is Lauryn Hill Still Crazy? 10.7.05

A couple of days ago those hip kids in the know, Rinda and Lana-P aka Lanky P, forwarded me info for an event called “TakebackTV,” held by Current TV. We had no idea what this was about but De La Soul, Slum Village, and Fishbone were playing, with a Lauryn Hill appearance.

Now, all the cool kids will say the same things—De La is awesome! Slum Village is cool! Say, I like Fishbone!

Is Lauryn Hill still *-cue Chris Rock voice-* crrrrrazy?


An aside before the show. When Andy and I decided to leave work we also decided to take the bus. Dora, being much smarter than us, just took the train. We, having heard the terror alert and having dismissed said terror alert, didn’t think that many New Yorkers would panic and ride the bus.


Jam-packed and slow. One older woman asked Andy what it was like to be six foot three, relating a tale about her relative who had it hard because he was so big.

The show itself, held at Summerstage under ominous clouds and occasional mist was an advertisement for Current TV, which is supposedly on our cable channels. One of its founders, Al Gore, came out and he didn’t even claim he invented television. Scarlett Johanssen introduced him. Or so they say. I saw a bony blonde and I didn’t know it was her. Their official black man emceed the show, giving it immediate street cred. Lots of videos, lots of encouragement to send in content.

We were on the bleachers, myself, Andy, Dora, Rinda. I took bad pictures, we listened to some guy in a painfully high and nasal voice. And De La was tight, playing a version of Buddy and ending with Stakes is High and Ring Ring Ring. Fishbone was fun, there were some godawful acts. Shevi was enjoying VIP treatment and finally got to meet Dora.

And Lauryn, you ask? Well, Ms. Rohan Marley- who I thought was a minor Marley but was apparently a football star the University of Miami, at the time Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock was there- She was motivated to play a song for us. And did two or three! A version of Lost One (is that the name of the song?) over the riddim used for “What a Bam Bam” (which I will ask Sharma about in the AM).

But now we can’t talk about how crazy her ass is. Instead we will focus on the mushroom that her ‘fro has become. Yes. It's a blurry photo but that’s her HAIR.


neverecho said...

i only ever understand about half of what you write, but damn, that's a lot of hair!

dora said...

I would be scared of Lauryn if I saw her on the subway. I would also have trouble moving around her/sitting next to her. The show was awesome and I'm so glad you brought me!!