Thursday, May 13, 2004

FF 5.13.04

Last night I was coming home on the train, tired and in need of dinner, and I was thinking about why I have not written very much in the blog recently. I thought about my recent moods and the perennial lack of focus and direction; I thought about all the resumes I looked through in the early afternoon that showed me how much more other people have done with their time; I thought about another summer with my impossibly irresponsible and inconsiderate little sibling; I thought about being lonely and I thought about listening to too much Death Cab.

But all of that has the pronoun “I” all over it. And instead I will share the other thing I have recently been thinking of:

Who is going to star in the new Fantastic Four movie? Here are some rumors. And here is a script review. And here is a history of the squad.

We need the smart and scientifically obsessed Reed Richards; the doting wife, updated for the new century, Sue Storm/ Richards; the hot rod obsessed teenager and perhaps playboy, Johnny Storm; and the ex-football player now become brooding and powerful, “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” yelling Thing.

Suggestions? I will come back to this one; I have some ideas… like Naomi Watts as Sue Richards. Too serious. Julia Stiles? I think she secretly loves science but never knew it before Reed, or she's often awed by him, as many other people are, and that’s why she is often quiet and in the background; that she’s just a quiet young woman coming into her own. Her brother often doesn’t think of others but quietly loves the idea of gossip columnists following him (how about Ethan Embry? Paul Walker is listed as a possibility. He’s vapid enough). Reed perhaps has a strong belief in American ideals, but these also include a right to freedom of exploration, which explains why he gets three unqualified people to go into a spaceship with him (maybe in the update, they’re going to Mars? Or to another dimension?). And Ben Grimm is brooding even as a college football player (I imagine him as a defensive lineman or linebacker) and thinks the world is out to get him when he becomes, well, and inhuman Thing. Michael Chiklis is a possibility—don’t you love the internet rumor mill?!

Word. Think on it.

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