Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Come And Get Me In My Sleep 5.25.04

I have been blog lazy. Everyone has a blog now. Every political whoo-hah. Every geeky nerd. Now that myself and Pixel and Gully and Mikebot and New Top et cetera are like everyone else, it’s hard to motivate and talk about the nothing going on in my life. After all, what is it I do these days? Go to school. Neglect to work on my “manuscript.” Watch my little brother be a moron. Listen to G-Unit.

I could tell you how last night I walked into St Mark’s Book Shop with ten minutes to spare and was impressed by a Rudolph Wurlitzer book that was available on the cheap. It had a lecherous description of the protagonist watching a young braless woman bending over.

Or about how rappers generally haven’t addressed 9/11 or Iraq in song. Except for talib Kweli as one of my classmates pointed out.

But there haven’t been many activities—my single male friends are all gone. That Selvadurai kid (holler across the water, fool!), that Gully kid down in the District. Sixo, I await your arrival. In the interim, I am on a mission to make new friends without girlfriends, and I might even hang out with my non-single friends. Why do I have such a “single or not” perspective? I don’t know. Probably to create something to write about.

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