Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Discount Summary 07.29.03

Since last Wednesday I have:

Had some terrible headaches. They are still around, hanging like the weeping willows or dour cypress trees or heavy fruit.


Threw the party of the month, with Gully. I meant to write a rhyme or ten about the event for Charming Rock Star Dave. But. I am lazy. So it’ll be summed up—

There were lots of people there and lots of people missin’.
A little bit of dancing and hardly nobody dissin’.

That’s crazy corny.

But the music was not loud enough. I roamed the crowd as did Gulshan, making small talk with the men and women making our event a success. A little booty was shaken and some emotions were stirred. There are pictures, yes, and I did wear all white.

Extra specials: Saw a number of people I haven’t seen in months or years (and they were as spectacular as always, (finally) met someone whom I have only talked to via the magic of the internet, watched some good people meet some other good people (but only one scene of flagrant making out on a bench), saw Gulshan’s posse + Soldati’s people (but shied away from the dance-off), and some people I hope to get to know much better in Dave S’ posse.


I played a last minute softball game with my former team, the co-ed Rogues. It was crunkin’ dog! Crushman and Silver were there, along with these kids I played with last year and the year previous: Viral, Doug Double, Kevin, Sally. That’s very exciting to you, isn’t it? I was happy. Like old times. We were joined by Crush’s friend Waka and a “ringer” named Diane who is actually 2.5 apples high.

Unlike old times, though, we whooped up on someone. Yes, they were down an outfielder, and dropped my easy pop-up. But running feels great. Hitting feels great. And man do I love to score. Side note: I adjusted my swing by watching Diane, who had learned to hit just hours before. But she was simple about it, bat around the shoulder, make contact, and she was on base every time.


I am almost done setting up the sports blog. But I am continually distracted by KFC’s commercials for crispy legs and thighs. Mmm, legs and thighs.

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