Tuesday, July 15, 2003

As Cool Breezes Do. When Tipsy 07.14.03

Someone once asked me what I am like while drunk, knowing that some people are extra belligerent, or extra horny. Apparently I simply cannot help but gush over the stupidest things. Like people’s names. Or the happenstance of people coming together. I think I mean to be belligerent (rragh! You won’t like me when I’m angry!), or horny (baby, I’m ‘bout it ‘bout it), or to lie a lot (my snowy habits in the late ‘70’s almost made me broke). But I end up giving a lot of hugs and talking lovingly about comic books. I have got to correct my drunken tempo.

Also discovered this weekend: I am a little heel. Having decided to continue without a cellular phone (maybe if I had crazy bank and wanted to talk to people all the time, so badly that I simply cannot wait until I get home) also means that when friends are trying to find me, I become like “Waldo.”

Are kids still trying to find Waldo? Damn, they kinda simple these days. Waldo’s right there, dog.

Side note: thanks to A-Lice for introducing myself and Selvadurai to new friends. Thanks to De La Soul and K-Os for making the best of a sh!t Summerstage sound system. Thanks to the weather for cooperating, Desch for his apt, Destruction Sam for driving me home, C-Lo for rocking his fro in the B-K and not the medical wasteland of the B-X, Tyla (sp?) for more good food, Shor-Nuff (plus Maya + Barry) for bringing good folks, Army Julie for looking like Heather #1, Nascar Anna for our little “we should hang out” moment, Fuzzy Sweater and Jeremy, and Rachel and Alissa for indulging my affectionate effusiveness.

I’m sure there is more, but that’s all I can remember. Man did my head hurt on Sunday. No more mint juleps from Tyla.

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