Monday, May 05, 2003

Six Responses From Hayley 05.05.03

Fill in your own questions. I am lazy.

Halyz says: when else would you get to sing "piece of me?"

to answer your questions:

1. scale of 1-10, 3-4. and it only gets that much because i was wasted. and because there was ass exposure in the street.

2. hoboken is a quaint little place, but there are too many drunk fraternity guys and sorority girls. if i had to live in jersey, i would choose hoboken. but i will never live in jersey.

3. if i could change one thing, i would not have fallen asleep at schnapp's, but rather whipped out some stimulants, gone back to manhattan to a bar, and gotten laid.

4. i remember thinking that one of the designs on the wall looks like my tattoo, i remember schnapp told me there were bananas and i found chocolate chips and was mad that he had "lied" to me about my snack food choices. i remember tossing mini chips into my mouth. i remember being woken up.

5. not mr. softee. i'm thinking mini oreos.

6. i thought she was really pale.

7. i learned to do a bridge from yoga class. i am most impressed that i can reach my head back onto the ground when i am in the bridge. i did it because i want other people to oooh and ah. i'd like to say that that's the first time i whipped out the bridge, but it is not.

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