Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Postcard to A Lost Weekend VII. 05.13.03

Dear Helen H:

Great to see you at Bubby’s with your kid tonight. You looked tired and natural but better than you did in Pay It Forward. That is so superficial of me. And it’s Mother’s Day too. I am a heel. Please forgive me, Helen.

We had a conversation—Arroz, his sis Kiri, little Leanna, Riz, Naomi, and Jess—about how you would be the perfect celebrity to see—still a cool moment/ event but not so spectacular that anyone loses their shit and embarrasses everyone.

Bubby’s was filled with children to distract us from thinking of staring at you. Ah, the children and the balloons that invariably slipped out of their little fingers and into the whirl of the ceiling fans. I hope you had a better time that we did… to be detailed in another postcard.

Yours in Slight Admiration.

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