Monday, February 24, 2003

Into the Light 2.24.03

This winter's been so cold and bleak that I have decided to start putting away some of my winter sweaters early, start taking out some sleeveless shirts, and begin spring cleaning. The reasoning, of course, is that by doing these actions I can bring on spring a little faster. It's almost March, after all. I'm surrounded by grey skies and damned sick of it. It's like living under the glass bottom of a sewer.

As a side note, it is almost the end of black history month. I don't know if anyone noticed. I have been reading a book called '46 Chicago by Steve Monroe. In the book, the black characters are "colored." It's a period piece, in 1946 gumshoe language. I respect that. And in honor of that time period and in honor of black history month, I have decided to call all of my white friends washedout. I figure, that has to be the opposite of colored, right? Or is bleached the preferred term these days? Hit me back and tell me.

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