Tuesday, January 07, 2003

The Giants a/k/a Big Blue It 1.7.02

I love the Daily News. Great coverage, still, of the Giants’ debacle by the bay, where they lost 39-38 in truly appalling fashion. And the News pointed out all the things we knew. The holder could have called a time out. The team should have sat Matt Allen (the holder) down and told him exactly what his options were. The team should have gotten a couple more experienced guys to do the kicking chores. Shaun Williams could have saved the Giants 30 yards in penalties by not listening to Terrell Owens talk shit on the field-- he would have drawn two yellow-hanky unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

And the 49ers couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

And the Giants still gave up the game.

And they gave up the game almost in the same way they gave up the playoff game in the 1997-8 playoff season, Jim Fassel’s first year as a head coach. Nice if he had some pow-wows with all the important people, the kicking team; the defense as they were being shredded, some kind of reminder to keep their heads.

Instead, we have great articles, a reminder that something is genrally wrong with the football operation in Giant-land, and a chance for Tiki Barber to watch his twin beat on the team that stole a game from his team. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Family? Once you forget the energy and passion the players and especially the fans put in; once you forget about the hopes of people who live with the ins and outs of Big Blue, it all comes down to family, right?

I’m trying to convince myself of that. Of something besides “that game sucked ass.”

On a side note, there is also a note that the Mets’ Roger Cedeno will be in better shape, and may be playing center field next to Cliff Floyd (overrated) and Jeromy Burnitz (who taught him that swing?). I wonder what Timo Perez did to ask for this kind of screwing. What, a centerfielder who can actually field, throw, run a little (though not steal bases) and get on base shouldn’t play? Over a guy who doesn’t hit for power, isn’t the base stealer that he once was, gets on base less, and has no idea where the ball is when he’s in the field? Hm.

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